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The time of the first Launch Round

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How does it work?

  • The first round of creating a referral

    Our first phase is by publishing advertisements and creating correlation between users of the game bot @NotQuizbot We activated the subcategory section to help us with the activity of users and the publication of the referral link so that this project can be updated and developed with the financing.

  • Start earning with correct answers

    In phase 2, with the release of the initial version of the game from our development team, you can start earning money in this game and continue to invite your friends with your referral link and receive rewards from this work #NQZ

  • Token listing in exchanges

    In phase 3, after the #NQZ token is listed in digital currency exchanges, you can continue to buy and sell this currency and there is no limit, so you can participate in the pre-sale of this currency right now to make a good profit in the near future.

Token Contract Address:



See To Dyor.io

Frequently Asked Questions


It is a Telegram mini-app . You can enter the @NotQuizBot bot in Telegram and earn money by answering each question correctly and introduce your friends with your link and get rewards.

Soon the digital currency or NQZ token will be listed on the TON blockchain in reputable exchanges and you can buy or sell this token.

NotQuiz provides you with the confidence to invest and generate income by presenting your goals and being placed in reliable exchanges and clarifying all transactions.

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